Circus Vargas

Coming to a City Near You!!

The last time I went to the circus was in 2001! Can you believe it’s been that long?

I remember it was just my daughter and I for a mommy-daughter date. Quality time with my children and family is more important to me now, more than ever before. With terminal cancer, I don’t know the number of days I have left with them and making memories is what I strive to do.

I haven’t been in so long because I did not realize the circus was still a thing after PETA had animals banned from circuses.

However there is still one around. And surprisingly to me it’s based here in San Diego but travels all over the world. Circus Vargas has no animals and they have been around since 1969. It’s a family owned business now.

My favorite part of the circus has always been the acrobatics and never really the animals. After seeing Dumbo as a child I never much liked the animals because it made me sad at how they were treat. I did dream of one day being a trapeze artist, wearing sparkly clothes and flying gracefully through the air.
Circus Vargas is actually here in San Diego now!! I can’t wait to bring my boys who are excited about the magician, tight rope walkers and motorcycle acrobatics. If you’re local look into which of the 3 locations they’ll be in and if you’re not local search up when they’ll be in your area. You can use this code “15SP22” to take 15% off of the ticket price.

Have you ever been to the circus? What was your favorite part?