My newest Middle Schooler

El Camino Creek has been such a great school for Zach! His 7 years here have been nothing short of fabulous from his friends, teachers, and staff!
The second to the last day of school, our principal pulled off a surprise for all the 6th graders as it was their last full day!

So all the 5th graders stood with hands together so that the 6th graders could run through their hands as if seeing them off for their next journey and school!

Luckily Zach is on the smaller side and easily fit through!

Here he is coming out of the tunnel!

And then the last day of school was finally here and promotion was in the morning! Younger siblings are not allowed to attend, so it was only Josh as a sibling attending as Faith had to work.
I was one of the mom volunteers who helped decorate the night before, which entitled me to 2 reserved seats and we arrived extra early so that we would all fit in a close up row!
Our principal and school board representatives

Zach and all the student entered and found their seats!
They sang us a song
Mrs. Greenberger, our principal welcomed everyone to the promotion
Speakers from each class made a speech and Allison was from Zach’s class 

Emer spoke for Mrs. Krisky’s class
And Kyle for Wright/Wells combo
Zach from his seat! Happy to be finishing 6th grade and moving on.

Lined up and waiting for his teacher to call him up
Mrs. Wegener calling Zach up

 Mrs. Wegener shaking Zach’s hand and giving him his promotion certificate!
Shaking hands with Mrs, Greenberger who came back to our school half way through the previous school year.

And having to shake hands with the school board members!
Zach and Mrs. Wegener, happily done with 6th grade!

Zach with grandma Diane and grandpa Denny

Zach with Sean and I.

Family photo missing 2 siblings, one working and the other still in school!

Zach with 2 of his friends, Charlie and Greyson whom he’ll attend middle school with

Zach and Mrs. Greenberger!

And again!

Zach with buddies, Braydon and Ben, whom he’ll also attend middle school with!
Zach with grandpa Mike and grandma Brooks

Both boys with their grandparents!
And now he’s off to middle school and chose Oak Crest, a different school than the one Josh chose and attended! I am so proud of Zach for finding such a good group of friends and for always being a good student. His teachers always loved him and often reminded me of how kind hearted he is, which I have always known and loved about him!