Farewell, Middle School

When Josh finished elementary school and chose which middle school he wanted to attend (based solely on friends) we were told that the 2 years spent in middle school would fly by, and they weren’t kidding! We enjoyed our time at Diegueno Middle School as well as his teachers and the administration which make it hard to leave, but we don’t have a choice in the matter as these kids of ours won’t stop growing up no matter how much I beg and plead with them to no avail.

And the day finally came where Josh promoted from Middle School and at this time he had just changed his mind and switched from SDA to LCC.
Wow, CLASS OF 2022!!

We arrived extra early as I wanted to get a seat at this extra casual promotion!

Hardly anyone was around when we arrived.

The band came out and started playing (and they were surprisingly good)!

All of the students walked in and I should add that this seemed like the hottest day of the year

My poor handsome son cooking away for an hour in the hot sun

Principal Copeland who after this school year has decided to return to teaching

You can see how packed in it got and what you can’t see are the smart people in the tree shade way in the back or those who were in the shade behind me on the ramp down when this photo was taken!

First speaker was a very emotional girl and we could hardly understand her.

The second speakers were a team of girls who came through the Spanish language immersion program in the elementary school district and in a weird twist they had the Hispanic girl speak Spanish and the Caucasian girl speak English, which in my opinion should have been switched around!!

This kid did a great job of speaking to the students and remembering the fun times they all had! His last line is one I will never forget as we’re in the gaming age with our boys…”PubG is better than Fortnite” and as my boys are obsessed with fortnite, this was music to my ears, lol!

My 4 munchkins who have all my heart!

Family photo on this hot, hot day!

Grandma and Grandpa Teffeteller made the trip up to see Josh’s promotion!

As did Grandma and Grandpa Kabo

And Grammy who sat in the shade of the trees with Faith and Nicco for the ceremony (they are the smart ones in the family)!

Faith and her boyfriend Nicco and now you can see why they sat in the shade, wearing all black!

Mom and dad while we’re still his favorite people!

So much love for my oldest boy and I am beyond proud of him for all of his efforts in middle school!

With his vice principal on the left and principal on the right, both of whom stepped down to take positions working directly with students instead of in administration!

Afterwards, my son picked Islands, his favorite restaurant (because of their veggie burgers) and his friends changed their plans and all joined us there!
Such a great day, had by all! So proud of you Josh for being such a good student, friend, son, and brother! Your grades were remarkable through middle school and we know you’ll keep them up as you do the next 4 in high school! Welcome to the big leagues now, but you’ll always be my baby in my heart!