Spring Break 2018

As our boys are in different schools, their breaks don’t quite line up. Zach and Ben have 2 weeks of Spring break while Josh has only one which luckily is his brothers 2nd week.

A little while back, Sean and I decided that it would be good for Sean to bring one boy to Florida when he travels there as long as that boy is on a school break. So, here are photos of Zach and daddy in Florida during his first week of Spring break! Sean travels often to Florida and said he always wants to do the fan boat tours through the Everglades, but doesn’t because he’s traveling alone for work and can spend his extra time in his hotel room working uninterrupted (by me, lol). Now that Zach joined him he was able to do all those things and more…..

They started their trip out with renting a Mustang, the first surprise for Zach!

When in Florida, you’ve gotta do the Swap/Everglades/Fan Boat Tour

And of course that includes holding a young alligator

And having the ranger scare you with a huge scorpion 

And after wards, there’s nothing like a good trip to the beach

My water baby, loves the beach and I’m sure the clear, warm waters of Florida were a much needed change from our still cold waters.

And you can imagine how well Zach slept that night!

Another day and another treat
Bike riding with daddy to find fancy cars in Miami and Ft Lauderdale areas

Just a bike ride isn’t enough for these two on their adventure 

They rented and rode around on a moped for an afternoon. 

 Because Sean was there for business they had to do some work, which included a few boring inspections and marketing meals with the attorneys Sean is working for.

Let me just say that not only did Zach have a great time, but Sean did too. Now we have two more boys who want to do this and have a trip away with daddy. Hopefully Josh will be able to go sometime over the summer and Ben in another year or two, because he’s too still little!