St Patrick’s Day and the Sneaky Leprechaun

In my quest to celebrate EVERYTHING in life post cancer diagnosis, we started doing the “Leprechaun” every St. Patrick’s Day. I think he’s normally supposed to create messes, but I don’t want to have to clean them up. In the past we have done green balloons on the kids bedroom floors, made green streamers hanging from doors, used washable paint to leave “footprints” on the toilet. The favorite of my children has been the scavenger hunts.

Sean along with Zach and Ben were camping over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so I wouldn’t be able to do it for Zach and Ben, but didn’t want them to miss it. Zach and I came up with a plan that he was going to do it in the motor home while I did Josh here at home. Another problem is that we usually do Rolo’s for the candy, but now Josh has braces and can’t eat that. So I made a brace friendly treat this year and made it easy so Zach could do it in the motor home!!

Josh’s treat at home. 
Treats in the motor home and then a photo with the “mess”
Floor “mess” I simple purchased pre-cut clovers from amazon for around $5 as it was the easiest way for the leprechaun to make a mess that’s easily cleaned up in the motorhome. After picking Sean, Zach, Zach and Ben up from their camping trip we made our way to Sean’s high school BFF’s house for their welcome baby party.

 There’s almost nothing as sweet as a new baby

However seeing my husband and son hold the baby, may be sweeter than holding him myself!
Recipe for Leprechaun treat:
It’s so simple that I’m sure I don’t need to add the recipe, but here it is.
I purchased one can of Wilton Color Mist in gold and followed the directions to spray it on golden oreos. (Yes I know they’re already gold, but I wanted them really gold and regular oreos just don’t color as well). I sprayed it on the Oreos which were placed on parchment paper.
The color mist is fairly pricey ($4-$5 a can) and doesn’t last very long, but I was able to completely cover 15 cookies. Which worked out to 5 each for my 3 boys!
Then I made a rainbow out of MnMs because skittles which I usually use are an off limits food for Braces! The brown MnMs even looked like purple in the rainbow, and one of my boys asked how I got purple MnMs!!
Plain golden oreos, if you do regular oreos plan on using at least 2 cans of color mist
Directions are also on the color mist bottle. I purchased mine at Walmart, but have seen them at craft stores as well.

And after one coat, then I flipped them and sprayed the other side.