First scan of the year!

I had a mini vacation with my family at the Great Wolf Lodge, which I’ll write about time when I have a chance. Anyhow I left in the afternoon on our last day to drive up to LA while Sean drove home with the kids. Once at Cedars Sinai for my MRI, the President’s State of the Union Address came on, and I missed in as I was called back right after.

Admitted into the hospital and waiting for my MRI. First time I had an MRI the night before seeing my oncologist and there was so much scanxiety!!

This was the first time they gave me pants to wear for my MRI. And they were knotted so loose that I felt like I was in a weight loss ad. #ChemoDiet, lol!! Only I gain weight on chemo…
And here are the images of my MRI. The two photos on the left are on my most recent scan and the two on the right are of my post surgery scan. You can see the far left and the far right scans are similar and the two he compared the most. The white “margins” are where the tumor lies and there is more in the recent scan on the left. That is definitely scary to me, but he assured me that it was a good thing because it has to do with scar tissue and radiation.
Overall, it was a good visit and he said everything looks good. So, I’m happy with this and trying not to think about the scar tissue.