Semester Vacay

Our area has two different school districts which equals different breaks. Josh does not have Fall Break like Zach and Ben do, but we pulled him out for our Washington trip. At the end of every January.

Josh has 2 days out of school, which happens to be during a time no one else is off, Last year we went up to Brian Head for a ski/snowboard trip for those two days he had off. This year we decided to do The Great Wolf Lodge since it’s been on my bucket list for several years now because my brother and his family go there in Washington where they live and because I LOVE water parks!! We decided this would be a great local semester break vacation and save us some money on a big trip. In December we booked it when we saw a great sale. However, it’s still pricey! I called the day before to ask if we could have an upgraded room that had a kid’s room “log cabin” with bunk beds after Zach saw it on google images as he searched the Internet, I didn’t want to disappoint him, and luckily I was given the room upgrade and didn’t have to!!

My boys were so excited and I’m sure Faith was bummed she had to work and couldn’t go with us to the Great Wolf Lodge.
Because it was semester break, there were 2 other families we knew there. Ben enjoyed playing with his buddy Jack who lives on our street while Josh hung out with his older brother.
We “adulted” and went on some water slides with our neighbors. Did I mention I LOVE water parks?
We had a blast the first day and then Zach got hurt…
When Sean took Zach to the Urgent Care, I took Josh and Ben to walk around the hotel and we ran into the mascot!
The toilet paper is how kids doctor a cut, and the butterfly is how the medic at the hotel doctored it. Zach was so freaked out about getting stitches, but we had to take him to the urgent care with how deep it was. Luckily they only, after seeing how upset Zach was and with Sean’s asking, only steri-stripped it. No stitches, but sadly he could no longer go in the water….there went our vacation. But we still enjoyed the family time and the kids loved the cabin with bunk beds in our room. It really was a cute set up. And no matter what, family time really is the best time!