Girls Trip to Napa

One of my closest cancer friends from down in San Diego moved up to Napa for work, I know…rough place to move….
I knew her boyfriend was going back to his parents to quit smoking and get his act together, so I went up to visit her to ease the stress of that first weekend apart.
When I arrived on Friday morning we went grocery store shopping to cook and drink as much as possible at her house in order for us both to save a few Benjamins! Then we went out and spent them on lunch and wine at a cute little restaurant in downtown Napa called Noodles. We had to do the obligatory cheers/toast and selfie as soon as we got our drinks!
Hannah lived in walking distance to downtown which was great as we were able to walk places, although we chilled at her house a great deal. Look how cute her street is. The homes are from the early 1900’s and absolutely adorable.
This is Hannah’s house and it was so adorable!
Not much better on a girls weekend than sipping mimosas at home for breakfast while watching Dirty Dancing, one of my favorite movies on Saturday morning!!
Since Saturday was our wine tasting day, I ordered a beer at lunch. I’m not the biggest fan of wine (or alcohol in general), but I knew we’d get our share of wine this day, so beer it was!
And then onto Beringer, which I think was my mom’s favorite when I was a kid. The grounds were beautiful and the best part was that since Hannah was a Napa resident, we each got one glass of wine to bring with us as we walked around their grounds.

Many selfies were take this weekend, how could we not when we were having a girls weekend!
Hannah and I together in front of Beringer before we left, to head a couple blocks away to Mumm.
Hannah has a membership to Mumm, so we got to taste for free (I believe it was a $33 value or so), and we ended up having way more than what was on the tasting menu (only 3 samples each) as Hannah knew to ask for the Carlos Santana samples, which gave us 2 extra glasses and then I over heard our waiter talking about a different wine that was on a different tasting menu, so I asked to try it. He brought it out and said we would not be able to get anymore as we had more than what was allowed!! SCORE, lol!!
Our view at Mumm, from our window seats. It was too cold that day to sit outside.
Our first 3 drinks from their “tasting menu”
I am definitely a lover of the sunset at the beach, but the Napa sunset was just as beautiful, only minus the water.
Saturday night Hannah and I walked to the local bar where we both had drink. The had something boring on the TV, so the bartender gave us the remote so we could find a better program! This town had such a small town feel, I loved it.
Sunday, game day…Hannah and I found ourselves back at Noodles to watch the game during their unlimited mimosa brunch! 

We took a group photo with some strangers we met at the bar while watching the Falcons and Patriots play. (All of us cheering for the patriots to lose, which sadly they didn’t)!!
Flying home on Sunday night with great memories and a missed plane (too many mimosas at Brunch and I lost track of time), luckily Southwest let me catch the later flight which was only 40 minutes later! And then back to my beautiful family, but longing for another trip up to Napa, with either my girlfriends or my husband!