Fall Break Vacay

My children (now only the younger 2) get 2 weeks off for Fall Break which is usually the last week of October and first week of November. We decided in early August that since I would be finished with radiation in early October that we would take a Disney Cruise with our family and pull Josh out of school for that week and Faith off of her job to spend that time together celebrating and relaxing.

However, things did not go as planned. My insurance company felt that the life saving radiation I was prescribed to receive was not needed and was denied multiple times all of which we fought as hard as we could with my radiation oncologist. When I was finally approved for radiation we knew that I would finish too late to go on the cruise. So with saddened hearts we let our kids know that the cruise was not possible, but we still wanted them to do something fun. Sean found cheap flights up to Washington where my brother lives, so we decided to spend a few days with him. On November 1st, at 6am we flew out of Los Angeles. Now this was the day after Halloween and we had to leave our house at 2am in order to make it to the airport in time…which is why we got our tickets for so cheap. Only $70 per person for a round trip ticket on Spirit Airlines. Once we landed my brother Tyler picked us up and the fast, fun trip started!!

Since my brother and I are both bald right now, the first thing we did was a bald selfie together!! I must admit, my brother is seriously my best friend. There is no one who knows me better and I think it’s because of our childhood as we both experienced the same things growing up,

First stop off the plane was Starbucks and not just any old Starbucks, but the first one ever built!!

 It was fairly crowded and many came to take photos. There was another one in view from this one if you wanted to get in and out, but this was something on our bucket list, so we did it!

They said they don’t have room for all the fancy new machines, so they still make it the old fashioned way by hand, which was really cool to watch.
Two boys excited for hot chocolate. When Josh started Middle School, I took him to starbucks a few times to get real coffee, so that’s what he had. Although he doesn’t care for the taste of coffee, the sweetened blended drinks are what he gets.
 Watching them make coffee the old fashioned way. It was really neat.
Had to take pictures of all the signs outside and inside!!

After Starbucks we walked to Pike’s Market to see “fish fly, ” which we did, but I didn’t get a photo of that!

My kids enjoyed it, but not so much the smell. They were more excited to have their cousins join them!!

Fish and crab…everything seafood was at this market, but we didn’t buy any of it!

My brother, Tyler, and I at the landmark pig at one entrance of Pike’s Place and then the cousins took a photo there, just my 4 and then my family. Lots of photos and wild kids, so we moved onto something we thought they’d enjoy…..


we moved onto the underground gum wall. It was artsy and nasty all at the same time. We had to say don’t touch several times, in fact!!

Faith had gum, so she put her’s on the wall and marked in with a K for our last name!!

The gum wall didn’t last long, so we moved onto the The Great Wheel of Seattle. I love Ferris Wheels (and Bridges), so this was awesome for me and something we didn’t do the past few times in Seattle (because of the cost).

We could only have 8 in one car and there were 10 of us total, so my hubby and I got a very peaceful ride together. 
So I got several photos of them, a few selfies and the view!
The view was amazing!!

And then we were off to see another site, but this was only us girls. The men and kids went home. And we wanted to see the very first Nordstrom’s, but it was impossible to park, so we drove around several times and I hopped out to get some close up photos, hoping one would say the original, but none did. I did do a little quick googling and saw that an Swedish immigrant opened it with a local Seattle shoemaker. It’s a great story if you ever want to Google it.

 Seattle is such a fun town and we enjoyed seeing an actual season with colored leaves, as we don’t get that much here in San Diego. And the last photo on this page sums up what I think of Seattle in a cute hippie flowered car with colorful fall leaves on the ground around it!