It’s so rad to be finished with Radiation and Chemo

Welp, rads (radiation) ended yesterday and chemo ended last Sunday (10/22/17)!! I was so excited to finish and had my 7pm appointment so that those who wanted to be there but work could go after work, but then I was called in the morning and asked to go in to see my doctor. I am happy that I did because some of my favorite techs were working during the day and wouldn’t be there at night for me to get a photo with.

 I had such a great team working on me. The women totally understood how it felt when I would remove my hair piece (a head band at first that progressed into a wig) to get my head radiated, and I cried several times only to get an understanding hug. 
 This guy above was with me on day one and for the first couple of weeks, then he was moved to another machine and would be on my machine at random times.
 This is my friend Clay and he met me there during the day as he works at the hospital and wouldn’t be around for my ringing of the bell. He’s in a local commercial for the hospital and I thought it was funny when the nurse said he looked familiar and he responded that he worked at the hospital and then she said ” you’re the guy in the commercials.”

 After radiation I showed off my mask to everyone who came to see me ring the bell and then I rang the bell. Followed by lots of photos!!
 My family and favorite supporters with me ringing the bell.
 Lots of friends and my uncle came to see me ring the bell, some more amazing supporters!
 Then a quick picture with the two techs who were with me on my last radiation. The man, Phil, on the left was there from the beginning, my very first day. The gal on the right started about two weeks into my treatment as she was moved to my machine. She was the one I cried to the most when my hair started falling out and she would just hug me. It’s funny how much a hug can make someone feel so much better.
And then to check another thing off my bucket list, my Uncle Charlie let me ride on the back of his Harley to the ice cream shop where we stopped to get my kids a treat as a way to celebrate!!
 Once home all of my kids got a ride around our culde-sac
 Zach was so excited to ride, probably the most excited out of all my kiddos
 Ben and Josh took a ride
 And finally Faith took a ride.
 I must admit that I wasn’t going to allow my kids to ride it because I always thought motorcycles were scary and dangerous. On my ride home, I was shocked at how safe I felt, so I knew my kids would be fine riding around our culde-sac!
 Cutie pies Ben (above) and Josh (below) try on the helmet I wore.

 Then, Sean, Ben, and Zach took turns sitting on the bike alone. I think Sean would be in Heaven if he had a bike, although I don’t think his mom would ever let him. I would, but that is only recently (post diagnosis) as I am now under the mind frame that life is short and needs to be lived to it’s fullest.

I am so grateful that this part of my journey is over! It was long and had many challenges, mostly the timing of my appointments coinciding with traffic, my being very tired (usually going to bed around 7pm or as soon as I got home from radiation).