Birthdays and Radiation

As many of you know, my first 3 children were all born in September with the first two sharing a birthday (September 14th). Believe it or not, my 3rd was due on their birthday but came a few days early (September 9th).
This year Faith turned 22 and Josh became a teenager!! Because 13 is such a special birthday we allowed Josh to pick any restaurant in La Jolla (where my radiation hospital is located as I had it right after). We offered popular and expensive Hibachi Grills and Fondue restaurants, but true to form, Josh chose his favorite, Islands, because of his love for veggie burgers!!
 In the end there were 3 desserts at our table to share. We celebrated Zach’s this night as well because he had his party on his actual birthday and never had a birthday dinner out with family.
 A couple attempts at selfies in the radiation waiting room. I know I look bald, but I am not. My hair is pulled back and I’m wearing a headband.
 I had to continue taking them until I didn’t look bald as I know that is coming very soon!!
 Everyone went back into the radiation room with me and we took a photo which will probably be on our (spoiler alert) Christmas Card this year.
In this photo you can see me in the background with the mask on my face and yes, I am unable to move. The big dude on the left of this photo is my daughter’s boyfriend Nicco, who after 3 years is basically a part of our family now.
Today was radiation number 4, so I have only 29 treatments left!!