Radiation isn’t Rad, but that’s what some call it.

After a week and a half long fight with Blue Shield of California, my insurance, I have finally been approved for IMRT radiation. I will have 33 sessions and started tonight, which was a rush by me as I had to start my chemo the night before. So last night I slapped on my anti nausea patch and gave myself 2 hours before taking my chemo, not the usual 24 hours. So yes, I spent the night next to the toilet. However, in the long run I think it’ll be worth it as I’ll finish a day early. And I’m all about the finish line. Especially because my wonderful hubby booked a Disney cruise for my post radiation treatment celebration and as something to give the kids to look forward to. We’re still hoping to make it with the whole insurance denying my radiation fiasco.

So here’s my first day. I had a mask made 3 weeks ago in preparation for this and several scans done to show the doctors how to line up the radiation with my head and mask.

Once we (Sean went with me for my first radiation treatment) arrived, I noticed how big the door is. Huge and heavy, which tells me how bad this is for someone without cancer.
 It’s a huge machine and here’s a photo of it.

 I climbed on and they had my mask ready to go, so I had to pull my hair to the side just as I had when they made my mask.

And then I was snapped in, they literally snap my mask to the table and the mask is tight, leaving me no room to move my face or open my eyes.
Close up with my mask…ready to get this started. 
I am now one down, with 32 treatments left to go!! I’m praying that this 33 visits goes by quickly. Also praying that my anti-nausea patch works now that it’s been on for 24 hours.