Clean Scan Streak

First I want to apologize for not updating this like I thought I would. I have been out living my life and trying to enjoy as much as possible with my family and writing this blog takes away from that family time I cherish so much.

I have been on a clean scan streak since my last surgery in November 2013, yay me!! I did a year of chemo, so I wasn’t surprised that every scan came back clean during that year, however they are still coming back clean!!

No I am not in remission and that is one of the questions I get asked often and hate the most, because I wish there was a remission to brain cancer. I do realize other oncologists tell their patients that they are in remission, but my oncologists believes that is just their way of putting the patients mind at ease and that it will continue to grow even though it is not visible on the MRI. I have absolutely come to realize this as a fact and you know what? I’m OK with that. I’m a fighter and in the battle of my life and knowing I have to fight the rest of my life will keep me doing just that. I don’t want the doctor to tell me something to sugar coat it for me and make me relax and possibly slack on healthy eating only to have it come back with a vengeance, I’ll continue to fight with every thing I have and to live my life to it’s fullest, enjoying time with my children.

We returned recently from a wonderful Spring Break road trip, those posts are coming soon, I promise!

Thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts.