How I took my final chemo, celebrating alone but in total style!!

And then there was finally my last chemo, time for the party to begin….

Or so you would think, but my family was away camping with the Adventure Guides and I was all alone at home for that final dose,

and this is how it went down…..

I HAD to do it in a way that was celebratory for me…alone and I was not allowed to have alcohol. There are so many restrictions with chemo, but I’m sure I’ve already gone over all of that.

So, for my FINAL chemo dose (alone, let me emphasize that over and over because it’s strange celebrating alone for anything, but this was something I had to celebrate for me).

And here we go….

I took out my old personalized wedding champagne flutes and poured some apple juice from a small kid’s lunch sized box that I stole from my children, loaded my last 3 pills into the lid (because I’m not allowed to touch them, another restriction…), then took one big swig and tried my hardest not to smell them as the smell alone makes my stomach turn and my throat want to close up because they were the most awful thing I have ever taken in my life.

There is that last dose and hopefully I’ll never have to take it again, although I am allowed to take it one more year if ever needed. Please pray that it is never needed again!