And then there were 2…

Just finished my 10th round of chemo last Friday!! Whoop whoop!!!!! I’m thrilled that I am almost done with this thing. With only 2 left I can really see the end now. And it feels so close.

This round went well. Sean was in Florida for 2 of the days, but lucky for me they were my easier days. And on one of them a friend brought us dinner and another friend picked my boys up from school. So it really worked out. Sean was in Florida for a mediation on a case he’s been working on.

We really need to pray for the work to continue to flow in, it gets stressful for him having to care for me, pay my medical bills, and run his own business. I know that at times he gets stressed and it breaks my heart seeing him taking on so much. As always I appreciate any prayers you all send our way.

Sorry this is such a short blog, but there really isn’t anything to say.

With that…remember to donate to “Accelerate a Brain Cancer Cure” in honor of my daughter (and myself) repelling. She still needs to reach her minimum or we are accountable for what remaining.

Here is the link…Faith’s repel page And a HUGE thank you to all who have donated!! I am unable to personally thank anyone on her fundraising page, but will hopefully get some thank you cards out in the mail.

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