Home Alone and 3/4th of the way through, REALLY

So if you recall my last blog “3/4ths and camping,” I didn’t realize until I received a comment that I wasn’t actually 3/4th of the way through, but only 2/3rd, which is still great. Guess I should go back to school to relearn my math, lol!

Speaking of school…all of my boys are now in school. Ben started kindergarten, Zach is in 3rd grade and Josh is in 5th grade!! The first day of school was amazing, I am so happy with all of the teachers they got (not that there are any bad teachers at their school), it just seems the ones they got are a perfect fit!! Here are their pictures from the first day.

 Looks like our theme for the first day of school was stripes, but my boys picked out their own shirts.
 Zach, 7, 3rd grade
 Ben, 5, kindergarten
 Josh, 9, 5th grade
 All 4 of my kiddos, although only 3 are in school
 Ready to go to school and walk with some neighborhood kids
 Walking down to school with many neighbors (almost everyone walks on the first day)
 Zach at his assigned desk
 Josh at his assigned desk, look at the pile of books already on his desk!!
 Ben saying “hi” to his first teacher, no assigned seats on the first day of school
 Sissy, helping Ben make his name tag, and with that backpack, you know he’s the coolest kid!
 Ben hanging up his backpack on the outside hooks
 Saying “bye” to my last baby to go off to school
And the day starts…
Luckily all of my boys had a great first day of school and since I didn’t have to start my chemo until that night, I enjoyed the first day hanging with my hubby, cleaning up the house with out someone begging me to entertain them, and even throwing my feet up for a bit. Then reality hit and I had to pick up my chemo.
I started my round on the night of their first day of school. The first few days were fine. Knowing I was going to be on chemo, I planned their lunches in advance and had things ready for the first week. I was a quick week, a little tough because my hubby had to go to Florida for 3 days in the middle of the week, but he returned to help me with my worst days (Friday and Saturday). It was nice being able to relax during the week while the boys were in school and I’m sure by my next round, with Sean in town, it will be much easier.

And like that round 9 was done….
Now onto my final 3 rounds and having this whole thing being in the history books for me!!