3/4ths and camping

EDIT- Oops, I’m only 2/3rds of the way through. Can I blame the chemo on messing up my math? I’m not sure, but I will!! Very soon, I’ll be 3/4th if the way through and then completely finished!!!

This 8th round started a bit late…totally my fault. I’ve had my trouble with my blood counts before in delaying my start date for chemo, but this time it was my showing up too late to get my blood work in on time. You see I usually throw the word “STAT” on my blood work if I go on Friday morning. It’s not usually on there because for some crazy reason, my oncologist doesn’t want to be called at his home when he’s off work to get the results of some one’s blood counts. So I usually throw it on there myself if I do a Friday morning blood draw as it takes “up to” 4 hours to process my blood and I figure he’s still in the office and I’m not bothering him at home.

Last week I went to do my normal blood draw on a Thursday, but the office was closed…forcing me to go on a Friday. With having to bring all 3 of my boys (it’s summer, they go everywhere with me), I completely forgot to label my blood draw request as “STAT!” Which by the way, a member of the lab told me I could do as no one really knows who wrote STAT, they just do it!!

So, my blood work didn’t get into the doctor’s office until Monday and instead of my normal Friday start date, I had to wait until Monday. I didn’t complain or get mad at myself, all things happen for a reason and we just happened to be camping that weekend at our local beach, so instead of being sick, I was spending time with my family, relaxing on the beach, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, paddle boarding, surfing with friends, boogie boarding with my kiddos, watching my boys eat shaved ice, bike riding and doing everything that I would not be able to do had I been on chemo, thus no complaints by me.

Here is my weekend at a glance…

 Playing at the camp site

 My boys all fished and Ben caught seaweed
 They later learned about the different types of seaweed in the Junior Ranger Program
 My boys got shave ice! Yum, but they chose crazy flavors!
 Eating their shave ice, YUM!

 Probably cleaning up my boys’ trash!
 Ben ALWAYS gets brain freeze!
 My boys love to boogie board and I was able to join them one afternoon!
 Lil surfer Ben!!
 Josh goes way out to where the waves first break and rides them all the way in
 Cutie-pie Ben in a Bay Watch move!
 Zach fishing, Sean actually caught a few fish (nothing good enough to bring back)
 Zach and Ben playing in the sand, they always end up making sand angles, love them!

I’m on the Stand Up Paddle Board, trying to catch a wave in!
Our camp site from our beach view!!
And on Monday night after we returned from our great weekend, I started my chemo. It was pretty normal, I was tired and laid in bed a lot. My boys played with friends and went to the movies! I’m so happy that week 8 is over and I’m 3/4ths of the way through!! Four more rounds really sounds like nothing…although I’m sure I wont be thinking that before my next round which will start on my boys’ first day back at school on August 18th. I’ll power through that week as well, because that’s just what I do…it’s what I have to do for my family!

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