On Top of the Hill and Fxck Cancer

On May 21st I went for an oncology visit with Dr. Rudnick, my oncologist. Sean was out of town for work, so I brought a friend with me. Our friend Kenny knows a great deal about cancer and has had many interactions with oncology doctors as he lost his fiance 3 years ago to cancer. Because of that I figured he was a good person to go with, he understands the termanology and would be helpful in my remembering what happened at the doctors visit as I sometimes forget. I also thought that he would be able to ask informed questions that I may not think to ask. Our support group always recommends that you bring someone along for your appointments and I always have Sean with me, except this one time.

So my appointment went well, my weight was a little low for the doctors preference as he wants me to have some weight on me in case I get really sick during the chemo, he doesn’t want me to drop underweight. As a girl, I did enjoy being told that I was on the thin side!!

This being my 6th round of chemo, I knew that I would begin counting down after this round was over and would be on the downhill slope, so I was very excited to get this round over. I had to get my blood work done at the hospital and with my blood counts being good, I was allowed to start round 6!

Now I do love the facebook group Fxck Cancer and I was able to represent the cancer community in their “Fxck Cancer Friday” post. Here are pictures of that. I’m sorry if you take offense to the word Fxck (they do sensor it), but those of us who have experience with cancer take offense to the word “cancer”!

These are screen shots from my cell phone on the FC facebook page of the pictures they posted of me.
They did mix up their story a bit saying I had finished my 6th round, but in reality I started the night this was posted.
My 6th round of chemo went well. It was difficult with Sean being out of town, but with the help of friends and my daughter I was able to get through it!!

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