Chemo round 5…starting to hit hard

So I just finished my 5th chemo round. It hit me really hard this time. I started feeling it early on Sunday. In the first few rounds I didn’t feel it until Monday. Last round it was Sunday as well, but I felt it much harder this time. Thank goodness for my new(ish) anti-nausea, they are really helping my nausea and not making me nearly as constipated as the old anti-nausea. I was able to skip the doctor’s appointment, which was good for us as it’s a two hour drive without traffic and it’s nice to avoid that every once in a while.

On Tuesday I was feeling so bad, I skipped Bible study, which I normally do on my chemo days. I had an offer from one of the moms at the boys’ school to take Ben to the preschool she works at on Tuesdays and I actually took her up on it. And of course Ben got spoiled, loved that he got to bring a backpack and lunch box to school, just like his older brothers. He got along well with all of the children, and even painted a picture of me with the sun!! I think he missed me a little.

This picture is right as he was being picked up for school. He looks way to grown up in this and it makes my heart ache knowing that he’s going off to kindergarten in August.

On Wednesday, I was still feeling sick and there wasn’t an option to send Ben off to school, so he stayed home with me and I was in bed for most of the day. He threw the biggest fit and cried for a while. Since Ben was having such a bad morning, as was I, and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I decided to do homeschool in bed with him. He refused to go downstairs to get his work books, so we traced letters on each others backs with him practicing the letter sounds. He loved this. And so did I, it was such a great relaxing time to spend with him. The funniest part was after I drew a letter “B” on his back, asked him what letter it was and he answered correctly, I slapped his back (gently) and said “I got it.” After that he drew the letters K and R on my back slapping my back saying “I got it” when I said the correct letter. I then had to explain that the letter “B” and a bee sound the same and that’s why I slapped his back. He got it after that. We slowly made out way downstairs around lunch time and after practicing many letters, to make lunch. Then we watched some cartoons and I half slept until it was time to pick up his brothers.


I am so thankful that this round is over…my next round will be my 6th and then I’ll be half way through this year of chemo!!

I also decided during this round that in a little over a year I will be turning 40…I’m going to try to do 40 things out of my comfort zone before I turn 40. And on my actual 40th birthday I’m going to jump out of an airplane!! I also want to run my first half marathon in November, go on the Price is Right, repel with Over the Edge for Brain Cancer again, along with any fun and crazy things I find at the fair this summer. I’ve got a little over a year to reach this goal…lets hope I can do it and find 40 things to do!!