The local Newspaper did a story on me and my family!!

I was contacted by a friend, a few months ago, asking if I’d be willing to share my story in the newspaper in a “Cancer through Courage” series that was running. Of course I said yes.

I was interviewed one day, last month, and had a photographer come a couple days later. I was told that the photographer was a “portrait photographer” so I asked him what we should wear for the family photo, matching kids, similar colors, random, or what he thought. He told me to just dress as we normally do. I wasn’t going to wear yoga pants and a workout top for the family photo, so I actually got dressed and put makeup on!! The kids wore whatever they wore for school that day. Sean came home from work in his shorts and t-shirt, while Ben, wore what he ALWAYS wears…his Spiderman PJ’s. Hey, the photog wanted normal and that is our normal, all but me, lol!!

So the photographer had us all sit in the corner of our couch, Ben and Zach were fighting as usual, so we let Ben hold the dog as he was crying through the first round of shots. Honey calmed Ben down and gave us all a good laugh when she darted out and ran around the room a few times. But I have to say that the funniest moment was when Zach let one rip, yes my son actually farted during the photo shoot. We all laughed and spread out as quickly as possible, luckily he had already taken enough family photos and it was time for my individual photo shoot. I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken my myself, I always feel awkward. And I’m sure you can see that in the photo!!

Anyways here is the online link to the article…

Courage Through Cancer: Brain Tumor Prompts Bucket List

Yesterday the boys and I went to the local grocery store and bought 4 newspapers from the store. The checker said to Josh and Zach, “wow there must be something pretty special in this paper if your getting so many,” to which Zach replied happily “we’re in it!” The checker asked why we were in it and Josh replied “because my mom has cancer.” The look on the poor checkers face…if only we could be in the paper for something better than cancer! Maybe one day…I’ll put it on our bucket list!!