Doctor, MRI, Chemo, and camping…oh my!!

A week ago on Wednesday (3/26), Sean and I drove up to Cedar Sinai to have an MRI and to see my oncologist, Dr. Rudnick and his PA.

The MRI came back as we had hoped with no changes, meaning that the “white” stuff on my MRI is most likely scar tissue. If it were remaining tumor it would have shrunk, but it didn’t leaving us to believe it is scar tissue, yay!!

With the results of my MRI, it was time to discuss the chemo I’ve been on. My counts were low for 3 weeks, the reason it was delayed the past two rounds. With that, Dr. Rudnick said that my bonemarrow was not healing in between rounds like we need it to, so he lowered my dose from 350 to 300. We also discussed the different anti-nausea meds that I was taking and I told him that I’d like to try Emend as I had heard it had anti-tumor properties in it (lil bonus), so it was perscribed as well as an anti nausea patch.

I was very happy with my doctors visit. But now with missing the past few chemo dates I had been pushed to start of Friday, which also happened to be the weekend of “family camp” for Indian Guides (a father/son camping bonding weekend through the YMCA). And my boys really wanted mommy to go with them…

So I sucked it up and went, after all I’m trying my best to not let the chemo slow me down and also not let them realize that I am taking it. I want them to look back and realize that I did chemo, it didn’t slow me down and that they can do anything they put their minds to in the future.

Camping was fun and exhausting. I must have looked like a zombie all weekend!! I took several naps, but spent time with my boys as well. On Saturday morning, I borrowed a freinds car to go cheer on a tutu run for a friend, that’ll be my next blog and I’ll try to remember to come back and link it here. The new anti-nausea meds helped…a lot! And I didn’t take my chemo on Friday until I went to bed (same with Saturday), so it didn’t really hit me until after we left on Sunday, but I actually hallucinated a little over the weekend according to Sean!! I was a little spacey and thought that Faith texted me something about a boy at our house, when in reality she was home with 2 of her girl friends after they worked that evening.

I was able to watch my boys ride the BMX track, zipline, get lost, mine for gold, sit around the campfire, and have a great time!! It was a wonderful weekend with my family and I’m so happy that we were the one family allowed to bring our motorhome as there was no way I’d make it tent camping while on chemo…I’m not that hardcore!! I just want to get the most out of this life and enjoy every bit of my kiddos as I can!!

Zach playing basketball with friends before the sun sets on Friday night!
 Sean joined the boys in basketball, I love how he gets out there and plays with our kids!
 Sean riding around the camp ground with Ben on his handlebars.
 This is how we ate all the meals, so fun being together as a group.
 Josh wandering around camp. There must have been over 500 people there all together!
 Our tribe is the Thunderbirds and they yellow shirts are for our tribe.
 Mining for “gold.” One of many activities that I was able to watch and help out with.
 Ben, so proud that he found “gold.”
 Sean helping Ben find even more “gold.” And, yes, they wear the same clothes all weekend! (GROSS)
 Sean enjoying a moment to himself around the campfire. I loe my hubby more than words can say!
Zach and some friends playing with water balloons and attacking other tribes in their nation!