I went Over the Edge for Brain Cancer

When given the opportunity to do anything concerning cancer, especially brain cancer, I’m not going to pass it up! A mentioned before I was given the opportunity to repel down the tallest waterfront building in San Diego, the Manchester Grand Hyatt Resort and I wasn’t going to pass it up even though it wasn’t on my bucketlist!
We drove up the morning of November 3rd to the Hyatt and I looked up and took this picture of where I would soon be repelling, wow that’s high…but I had no fear, I was a week and a half away from my 4th brain cancer surgery, there is nothing I can’t do!!!!

 My friends and family from near and far started gathering for me, it was great seeing them all!
Above pictured with my very supportive Uncle Charlie and below with my wonderful mom, Diane.
 Then it was off to registering and getting fitted into my repel equipment and of course since I rocked the blue (pre-surgery) hair, I had to have a matching tutu and leg warmers to complete the outfit!
 My friend and fellow brain cancer survivor, Nicole showed up to cheer me on.

 Trying to figure out how to keep the tutu on during my repel, we HAD to make it happen!!

 But at first it would have to come off to get my gear on…
 And it did
 Sean capturing every possible image of me, even tightening my straps!
 I had a double camera on my helmet to capture everything!
 Ready for the tutu again!!
 And it works!
 All ready to go…
 Being in several cancer support groups I have seen many friends pass away to cancer,
 so, I wore three pictures on my back for them to have the best view!!
 Testing out my gloves by roaring at my hubby!
 A few media pics before the test wall!
 Showing off the friends I carried on my back! The day before my repel I attended the funeral of one!
My “care person” leading me up to the top!!
 Many of my supporters watching me get started. I was told by several people that I had the largest support group there watching me! I know that several of my supporters have made the decision to raise awareness/money and repel next year!
 I’m looking forward to a “blue” team next year (maybe all with tutus)!!
 Photo announcing the start of my repel!
 My blue tutu blowing over the edge!
 Renee (whose husband’s funeral I attended the day before) cheering me on as I start my descent!
 Making my way down…
 to the bottom!
 And I’m down!
 YES!! I went over the edge for Brain Cancer!!
 Picture time!
 Trying to round up my group for a big group picture
 And here we are!!

 Sean and I with Renee and Chuck, whose funeral we attended the day before
 With Max, the CEO of ABC2 (Accelerate a Brain Cancer Cure)
 With My friend Monika another brain cancer survivor
 And other survivor friends from my
“Stupid Cancer” San Diego area group
 My friend and huge supporter, Stacy, whom I used to work with before having 4 kiddos!
 My oldest baby, Faith, supporting me all the way….
 and now trying to talk me into jumping out of an airplane with her…
 which I think will be next!
 Rockin’ our “stupid cancer” shirts
 My survivor friend Kristen, daughter Faith and I!
 My matching family picture before leaving for the day
 possibly a Christmas card picture
if only we all looked good in each pic!
When given this opportunity to go over the edge and fund-raise, I never knew if I’d be scared going down 365 feet! In the end I had absolutely no fear, it was unbelievable…I must say fighting cancer is much more challenging than repelling, but I’m so happy I was able to take a part of it!
There is still some time to help me reach my “goal” if you’d like to donate here!! And I will be sure to post this again next year when I register to do it as a team with my fellow supporters!!!

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