Repelling 365 feet, Bucketlist?

You know I’m trying to go through my bucket list with my family (all of our bucket lists)! I didn’t put anything too risky or adventurous on our bucket list. I am not an adrenaline junkie and just never put anything like that on my list.

Until now…

Something sweet just fell into my lap and I’m going to do it!

I was contacted by my sister-in-law, LaVonne, who is a great blogger at Long Wait for Isabella, who was contacted by Over the Edge San Diego. And to make a very long story short, I am going over the edge, literally to raise money for brain cancer!! I’m so excited (and yes, a little nervous too) for this opportunity. I will be repelling down the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the tallest San Diego waterfront building….365 feet!!!

Here is a link to my fundraising page and a link to the general information page.

Many people have asked me if I’m afraid of heights and up until now I never really have been. I figure I won’t really know until I get up there and when I do, I’m not purposefully looking down. I’m sure my legs will be shaking or like jello when I start out, but I’m hoping the adrenaline carries me through and gets me down the side of the building!

My repel time is at 1:30pm and I’d love for you to come support me and cheer me on!! I am so looking forward to this event! Hope to see some of you there when I get to the bottom!