Brain Cancer Walk

On Saturday, September 21st (my wonderful husband’s birthday) we walked in our second brain cancer walk at the 3rd annual SDBTF 5k. Although we didn’t raise as much money as we did last year, we set a high goal of $5,000 hoping to raise more than last year, but didn’t quite make it. We raised over $3,500 last year, but I have to give most of the credit to my boys who gave up their birthday presents in lue of donations to our walk. I didn’t want them to do that this year, so instead they said to let the party goers have a choice and most bought them gifts much to their liking!!
This was our team this year. We set a team goal of 10 and passed that this year, YAY!!

Sean and I before the 5k. I love how he stands besides me through the fun times as well as the tough times!
 All the boys (including some of our neighbors) got a little wild and decided to make their own paths! I loved seeing the joy on their faces!!
Sean, Faith and I walking past grandpa with the camera. Faith and I trying to give cool peace signs (didn’t quite pan out in the picture, lol)!

 And we all came back around to get our photos taken at the finish line without the crowd!!
My boys wanted their picture with grandma and them running across (they actually ran some of the 5k)!!
All in all it was a great morning! I am so grateful for all who donated to our walk. There are still a few days left if you are interested in donating, or there is always next year! I’d love for a huge team next year, so if your in the San Diego area and want to walk on “Team Mel” please let me know! I’ll hopefully get a blog our about it before hand. I think I’m going to start my fundraising at the beginning of January with bake sales, garage sales, and lemonade stands (anything my kiddos want to do and are willing to help with).
Here is the link to support us and thank you in advance…