Graduation Day!!

Kindergarten picture on the left, Senior picture on the right

My oldest daughter, Faith Emilie, just graduated from high school last Friday. My husband and I are so proud of what she has accomplished. Really, just the thought of her graduating after spending her last two years in high school dealing with a mom who has cancer, had 3 surgeries, a fear of her mom dying and leaving her to help fill in the role of being mom to her 3 younger brothers. It’s a HUGE deal that she graduated and she had an internship in an OB-GYN, competitive cheer with out of state competitions, and all of her social activities in her Senior year is wonderful. She really has gone above and beyond all expectations!

The seniors decorated their caps! It was very toughing that Faith put a cancer ribbon on her cap, but also made me sad that she has that on her mind during her graduation.
Before the ceremony
 Faith and her BFF, India, before the ceremony
 Faith and daddy before the ceremony (I was too busy getting the house ready for the after party) 
Waiting for the seniors to walk out and they had messages that students recorded playing, most saying things such as “thanks to my mom and dad for helping me get through this far”…
Students walking out to their chairs, I was actually shocked that there wasn’t a section for teachers (only a few were there).
Principal, Dr. Ruggles, speaking
Waiting to get called up, Faith was in the front row of the far left section
Faith and one of her favorite teachers, Mr. Machado (Pro surfer Rob Machado’s brother, if you’re into surfing)
A closer view of where Faith is sitting during the calling of the names
Some students played a song, “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, sang by seniors for the graduating class and all the students rushed the stage! (The principal was not very happy with this)!!
They did it! The whole senior class, 550 students with an average GPA of 3.5!

Faith and her BFF, India, after the ceremony.
Faith and two of her brothers, Zach with her cap and Josh
Our whole family with our graduate!
My dad, Flatty, made it for the ceremony (his wife’s birthday was that day, so we were happy to get the chance to see him)
I had to post a picture of Faith’s shoes….I’m not sure how she managed to not trip on the grass or walking up to the stage. She must be more graceful than her mom!!
It was a great ceremony and Sean and I had several friends over for a fantastic after party, after all, we needed it!!
Faith with grandma and grandpa after the ceremony, at our house
Faith with my Aunt Jonnie and Uncle John at our house, after the ceremony
Ben’s Sunday school teacher, Lisa, on the right with her daughter on the left (Faith was a helper in her Sunday school class)
Cutting Faith’s grad cake, before grad night, daddy thinks he’s funny!!
Faith and her cousin Ellie
Faith, and my sister, her Aunt Kim.
 And then Faith was off to grad night…
Let the party begin…
A toast and a shot with some friends to one down, 3 more to go! (We are the first of our friends to have a child graduate from high school, even though they are all older than us)!
My girlfriend and neighbor, Shelley, toasting our shots! We may have consumed a few too many that night!
Sean and I enjoying ourselves after the party!!
This was a day almost 18 years in the making. It was awesome being able to celebrate with Faith as well as with family and friends. With having brain cancer, I always wonder if I’ll see my children graduate from high school and I’m so grateful that I saw one graduate. I’m going to continue my fight to see the rest of my children graduate from high school and hopefully college (they all better, just hopefully I’ll still be here to see it), but for now my goal is to see them all graduate from high school and become adults!


  1. Thanks Vicky! I really do feel like I accompolished something, it was actually a lot of work getting her to this point…years volunteering in the classroom and when she was too old for mom to volunteer in her class, I did for her school and cheer squad. And lets not forget the many calls and emails to her high school teachers making sure she was on track (especially with all of her absences because of me)!! It was a lot of work, which is why we partied so hard when she graduated. Now for college…I'm totally out of this one (mom can't check in with her professors, lol), it's all on her!

  2. I love all the photos. I don't know how I missed this post, but so glad I checked on a new post. An average GPA of 3.5? That is awesome and pretty amazing. And Rob Machado's brother? Wow! How cool is that? 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the pics. So proud of Faith and you!

  3. Thanks LaVonne, we're quite proud as well. And now she's a college student. This blog didn't show up because I started it and then went out of town when my sister passed away, so I finished it after I returned home (keeping the initial start date of the blog).

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