So sorry

So sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I actually have a couple that I started and are saved as drafts, so I should get those published as soon as school is out for summer (or so I think).

I’m also sorry that this blog isn’t going to be inspirational or uplifting. I have no good news, no bad news either.

My next MRI is on Monday. The stress, worry, and anxiety that come with it have hit me hard this time. I was hoping that Mother’s Day, my just having my birthday (I turned 38) and preparing for the kiddos to get out of school would help ease my mind, but it hasn’t. I am also seeing Faith finish out her senior year, decide where she wants to go to school, which her decision is to stay close by.

There is just something about these milestones reminding me about the constant passing of time when I’m facing my own mortality that have made the past couple of months difficult.

It’s been over a year since my 3rd surgery and each MRI I wonder if there is going to be growth. My oncologist us using my September MRI as my baseline as it was long enough after surgery to show my tumor without any swelling. I have been faithfully using my natural treatments, along with those and the vaccine I’m praying that there is no change, but that fear definitely still lingers.

I’ll keep you posted on how my appointment goes, I actually have several. Monday is a big day for me. I get an MRI, see my oncologist, and get a check up from the neurosurgeon to see how my vaccine is doing, they will also take a boat load of blood to check it as this is also a checkup on my vaccine and they like to keep close records on each participant in a clinical trial.


  1. Praying for you, Melanie, in this uncertain time, that you will feel God especially close to you. You're an amazingly strong woman and I know He is so proud of you for your positive spirit and for fighting this tumor to the best of your ability. Your family is so blessed to have you!

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