Spring Break, Punta Cana

For Spring break this year, we went with my in-laws and some family members to Punta Cana.

It was awesome and amazing…
My boys loved the water slides at the resort and I loved that all were tall enough to go on them!
Even Ben was tall enough, and his swim lessons since January really paid off!
The resort was all-inclusive, so we ate, and ate, and ate!
And then there was the most gorgeous beach
The boys played and loved the warm, clear water
Ben wore his goggles the entire time, until he lost them :(

Since we live at the beach, my kids don’t know what a snow ball is, only sand balls and they love to make and throw them, they also love sand angels!! 
We took a tour of the town
Zach and all of us tried a raw cocoa bean (it was sweet and very slimy, totally gross)!
Then we tried hot cocoa, made with the ground up dried cocoa beans (kids didn’t care for it and it was too chocolaty for me, and that’s saying something)

Zach was so focused on watching this guy roll cigars, that it makes me wonder what he’s going to roll when he’s older, lol!
After the town tour we were taken to an open area to zip line, which we declined as they kids weren’t all tall enough
Several tours met there
Josh was given a sunflower seed to feed to the parrot from his mouth, and he was brave enough!
We saw a small alligator exhibit and the boys were able to hold a dead preserved one, gross!
Our family in front of the tour bus.
One of the homes we drove by.
Another tour we took was a snorkeling tour, this is the pier we left from, so beautiful!!
My princess laughing at something while leaving the pier
My boys getting tossed around in the pool
One of the funniest things to me was the hour long “shower” fight my boys had entertaining each other, with a pool and ocean all around them, they played in the shower!!
My kids really enjoyed the pool, beach, and the all you can eat food, since it was all inclusive. They also really liked the tours and I liked that they were able to see how others live, to work, the school system and other things since it’s a third world country. 
I spent a morning at the spa, it was beautiful and so relaxing. I got a massage and was then able to enjoy the spa area. I also got a mani-pedi which was so refreshing. I loved just being able to spend a bit of time relaxing with no worries at all!

The Hard Rock Resort was wonderful, we had a great vacation there. The only bummer was that the electricity went out one evening, so we didn’t end up eating dinner until 11pm as most places were shut down because of the outage. And when we did finally eat, it was super crowded. But overall our stay was great!