LYMI, Anniversary in Dallas for Cheer

Friday, March 1st, was my one year anniversary from my last brain surgery. I was able to celebrate it this year in Dallas, Texas with my daughter as we were there for her cheer competition.

Last year we were unable to attend the competition and ended up having to pull her out of cheer, so it was wonderful being able to go this year. It really meant a lot for me to be able to attend.

I was hoping for more of a mother/daughter weekend, but with Faith being a teen, it was more of a weekend for her to hang out with her friends. I had fun hanging out with the moms, but was kind of bummer because I wanted more time with her before she goes away to college.

One night while getting a drink with one of the moms, I struck up a conversation with the couple next to us. Let me give you some back ground info….last year at the competitions there was a money jar passed around in which people put a couple bucks to raise money for a cheer coach battling cancer and going through treatments. There was a short video played about the coach. I remember she was a beautiful young woman. The couple I sat next to were her parents, she passed away last November. It was great talking with them and it really made my weekend feel right. I happened to be in the perfect place at the perfect time.


Her family is using the leftover funds from her fundraising to help pay for people to do cheer and dance. Their website is and Amy came up with the phrase LYMI, Love You Mean It!! I love that!! Amy was a great coach, sister, wife, and daughter. Her story is amazing and so inspirational. Please look at her website and read her story!

The cheer competition was great! Faith really enjoyed herself! Her team did well and I had a great time wandering around Dallas with another mom and seeing the sights, including the 6th floor museum, all about Kennedy!

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  1. What a beautiful experience Mel. And I love when we are in the right place at the right time- is it odd or is it God? of course it's God! What a difference a year can make, right? Praying for you daily!
    Love you friend!

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