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Not an Update

Posted Jan 29, 2013 12:55am

I have nothing new to tell you, I wont know anything until March, when I go back and see my doctors. I’m feeling in limbo at the moment with no real direction (which is ok with me, and not a bad thing). But I wanted you to know that I have a blog I have been working on, at times posting the same story that I do on here and posting other stories. Mainly using it as a platform to write stuff that my kids can read someday and see the stuff we have done together as a family. I am also updating it on our summer trip with the pictures and stories of the places we went on our 7 week trip to 30 states.
The blog is…
If you subscribe by email, it will go directly to your email when I write a new post. You don’t have to log in as you do on this site, the whole thing will show up in your email. I may still update this when something happens, but I will also post an update on my blog. So, it’s up to you if you want to see it on here or get it in your inbox. BTW, I don’t post too often on the blog, so you won’t get daily emails from it, because I’m so busy with the kids and all of their activities!