Bottoms up to better health

My husband, Sean, and I have done several juice fasts or cleanses in the past. When I was diagnosed with cancer, we did a ton of research and watched many documentaries. We then changed our lifestyles and stopped eating meat (we still eat fish). Our four children are also vegetarians. Every once in a while in the past year we have gotten on a juice kick. I have gone 10 days with just juice, Sean has gone 5. My children don’t drink the same juice as us. But at times we make them apple carrot juice, which they love.
When we juice, I have found it easier to put all of the fruit and vegetables in the sink filled with water to wash them and get them clean. We also buy only organic produce.

 My 4 year old son, Ben, loves to help make juice. Actually all of my boys like to put the fruits and veggies into the juicer.

This is what I will be drinking 4 or 5 times a day (12 to 16 oz each drink). I am still doing the Budwig Protocol Diet each morning (and I don’t juice for an hour after, to allow the Budwig Diet to work properly).

The ingredients in our juice are…

1 bunch of Kale
4 Carrots
2 Cucumbers
1/2 bunch of Celery
thumb of Ginger
2 Granny Smith Apples (more apples when you first start, to help you get used to the taste, lessening as you go)
1 Lemon (more lemons when you first start, to help you get used to the taste, going back to 1 as you go)

And once in a while we add Cilantro or Beets to the juicer. I have never tried to use this in a blender, only the juicer and what we researched is that when juiced, it takes the fiber out, so the nutrients are easily soaked into the body. And yes, we do lose weight with juicing. Usually about a pound a day. Sometimes we will eat raw vegetables for dinner if we have run out of juice for the day or are so hungry. If we get really hungry, we simply add another glass of juice. I try to not go hungry on this diet plan.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting any diet program or before doing any long term juicing program. 


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