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A much needed update!

Posted Jan 3, 2013 11:59pm

I’m sorry I haven’t posted an update, it’s been super busy for us during the holidays. On December 17th I went up to UCLA with Sean to get an MRI, see my surgeons PA about the vaccine I received last May, get 17 vials of blood drawn, and see my oncologist to review my MRI and to discuss where we go from here. Everything went well, even though we arrived there before the sun came up and were very tired the whole time! My oncologist brought up PET scanI had back in October and the “hot spots” that came up on it. He wanted to talk to my surgeon because he was thinking that another surgery would be good as there is enough tumor to be removed (which was a shock to me as I thought there was less in there than that).
After my oncologist talked with the surgeon, he emailed us saying “Dr. Liau had some hesitation about doing surgery given the location of one of the lesions near the ventricle, and the effects of the prior surgery on Melanie. Based on this, the consensus was to watch these lesions carefully and to consider radiation if there is further growth. We should see Melanie back in 3 months.”
So that was good news to us as I wanted to have another surgery, but Sean would rather I didn’t because it is so stressful on everyone before and during my surgery. It’s like God’s hands have been in this, because we were really worried about having to make another difficult decision. And in our support group we have seen people with some deficits from multiple surgeries and I had a lot of short term memory loss after my second surgery last December. We are good waiting, hoping it gives the vaccine more time to do what it’s supposed to do and it will give me a chance to try more natural things which I have been researching quite a bit and have already started.