Big Doctor’s Appointment

Last Monday, December 17th was my big doctor’s appointment up at UCLA. I was planning on staying at the round hotel up there, but since I had just spent the weekend up in Las Vegas for my daughter’s cheer competition, we got home too late to drive up there. My husband said “we are only going to spend a few hours in the hotel by the time we get up there, so lets do it another time where we can really enjoy it.” So, another time it will be.

The cheer competition was great. Again, my daughter’s team took first place. It seems they are always the grand champion at the competitions they go to. They work hard to get it and it definitely pays off!

At my appointment, the first thing in the morning I had an MRI (wish I could sleep in those), but it’s hard with all the noise. Then I had to go to see Emma (my surgeon’s NP) to get my blood work done and a check up from the vaccine I received last June. From there I went see my oncologist. I was his first appointment and got in right away, which is so nice, and he told us that from my Pet Scan in October there are some “hot spots” in my brain which are residual tumor. Dr. Lai said that my tumor is very slow growing and he will not be able to see any growth until he can compare my last MRI to one that I will get in a year from then. Dr. Lai said he wanted to ask my surgeon, Dr. Liau if another surgery is possible, to which I found out last night she doesn’t think it’s safe, or he wants to start chemo in the next year. I have started some natural treatments and would like to continue them (also I feel like we should give the vaccine a chance to work), so now Sean and I have some decisions to make.