Why Me?

I have often been asked if if I ever ask myself or God “why me?”

I really haven’t but one day near UCLA, there was a drunk bum and Sean asked why not him, why someone who has 4 kids to raise? And I have always just thought that this is God’s plan and that something positive would come out of it (and positive things already have).

So, yesterday there was a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, in which 20 children were killed by a gun man. Watching the news, and knowing i have kids that age brought me to tears. For someone to take the life on an innocent child, when there is not anything they could have done to protect themselves, he took something so precious and it was so hard to watch. I was thinking what if something like that happened in my kids’ elementary school, I would be besides myself. The thought of having to tell one of my children that their friend to brother passed away is just too hard to think about. The gunman killed himself.

All of this got me thinking, why not this guy who has no care about human life and even took his own life. Why couldn’t he have been the one to get brain cancer, since he’s taking his own life anyways and I have so much I want to live for.

I just had to sit back and think, God has his own plan for my life and that of my kids. All I can do is to cover my children and my family in prayer daily. I also think I should look at it as why not me. I’ve been blessed by this in so many ways.