Bling, Brain Cancer fundraiser

In my quest to find an alternative/natural treatment for brain cancer, I have discovered that it is quite expensive and insurance doesn’t cover one penny of it. Big Pharma really has a hold on our government (but I’ll save that rant for another time). So with the help of a friend I decided to hold a fundraiser for my alternative treatments by hosting a Premier Designs Jewelry Party at my house. Many of my girlfriends came, and we had a blast. It was easy and fun.

It was such an easy way to raise money. I was able to hang out with friends and family, while someone else sold the jewelry! And the best part is that I will receive about $500 for alternative treatments, some of which I have already started. But now I will be doing more! I’m going to start with grinding up the inside of apricot seeds, which have vitamin B-17 (Big Pharma had the FDA make it illegal to see in the US, but many other countries use it for cancer treatment).

The party was a success and I even got a bit of free jewelry. I would love to someday become a consultant to make a little extra money for my treatments, but I will have to wait until Ben is in school.


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