I will soon be checking another thing off my bucket list

There is a hotel in West LA that I have always wanted to stay at. It’s a round hotel and I have often wondered what it looked like on the inside, when I have driven by it. Because of my curiosity of it, I decided to add it to my bucket list, which my husband laughs at (but I laugh at his wanting to drive a Ferrari up the California Coast)!

On December 17th, I have my next BIG doctor’s appointment. I will be getting my 3 month MRI, seeing my surgeon for  6 month check on the clinical trial vaccine I got in May and June, and seeing my Oncologist to see if anything is growning or changing in my brain. I always get very nervous before my appointments, and stress/worry a lot. But this appointment starts at 7am, so we either leave our house in San Diego at 4am or stay the night up there. My wonderful hubby said we could stay at the round hotel the night before. I’m finally feeling excited for my appointment, my stress has melted away this time! Although this hotel used to be a Holiday Inn, it has been remodeled into a nice boutique hotel, and in West LA near UCLA, that is going to cost lots of $$$$$$$$$! I’m not going to tell Sean about the remodel until he sees the price when he books it!!
I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and write a blog about our stay! Maybe I need to start picking out something on my bucket list that we can do for each appointment, since this made me feel so much better about going up there.


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