Budwig Protocal Diet

In my quest to cure this brain cancer, I have read about several “natural cures.” Whether or not they will work on me, I don’t know. But since there is no cure yet for brain cancer, I figured I might as well try. The easiest for me to try right now is the Budwig Protocol Diet. In which, cottage cheese and flax oil are emulsified together with a hand mixer and eaten. So I decided that today was the day to start it. I found a website that seemed to have some good information on it and went with it. Although this site states that I can have fruit with it, others only had me taking the 2 together, so that’s how I did it today.

Started off with the ingredients (all organic of course)
Measured them and added it to the mixing cup.
Emulsified them with the hand mixer
  It came out as a thick paste
I let (made) my 3 year old, Ben, test it out (he eats everything), but he didn’t care for it!
Then I gagged it down. I ate it all!! But it was hard getting it all down. It’s very thick and has a very slight taste (which I can’t describe). I was shocked that I was able to get it all down. It was so thick, that it stuck to my teeth and made it even harder to eat! Now my hope and prayer is that this does something. The website says I can have some fruit with it, so I’m going to try that tomorrow!!