Just when I was starting to feel Invincible, reality slapped me in the face!- CarePages

Just when I was starting to feel Invincible, reality slapped me in the face!

Posted Oct 10, 2012 11:52am

Last week I had my PET scan and on Sunday evening, Sean showed me the email from my Oncologist with my results. Now, I know there is no cure and that I will be fighting this for the rest of my life, but learning that the past couple of MRI’s were good, showing no growth just possible scar tissue, I was starting to feel comfortable. Our summer vacation and start to the new school year were great, no worries in the back of my mind.
Back to the email, the findings from the PET scan were…
“A resection cavity is seen in the right frontal lobe. There are 2
foci of increased tracer activity. The first is located in the brain
parenchyma immediately posterior and medial to the edge of the
resection cavity and demonstrates activity slightly less than the
basal ganglia. A second focus of increased activity, which is just
above that of the basal ganglia, is seen in the parenchyma
immediately inferior and anterior to the edge of the resection
cavity. These areas are suspicious for residual tumor versus
My Oncologist said there were 2 “hot-spots” which we were told all along were scar tissue. The brain cancer board at UCLA will look at my images during their next meeting, which happens to be this morning. Maybe they’re all discussing me right now as I write this, with my images out on the screen in front of them!! They are going to discuss the best treatment options for me and I should know tonight or tomorrow morning what is next in this crazy journey.