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PET Scan

Posted Oct 3, 2012 1:21pm

I just had my PET scan to see if the glob (not the doctor’s word) in my brain is cancer or scar tissue. I should find out later this week, but my Oncologist did say that there are a lot of false negatives, so it may show up as scar tissue but still be cancer. Sean and I are looking into altrenative treatments for cancer and have found 2 that we like, but are waiting on my Oncologists opinion before we start anything. But I figure that while nothing is growing in there I might as well be doing something to treat it and would rather do something natural at this point. If it started growing back, I’d probably do chemo.
Thank you to those who supported our family in our brain cancer walk. A total of over $64,000 was raised for the SDBTF!! We were so proud to be a part of that raising around $4,000 of it!
Also, don’t forget to vote for me in the Yahoo Women Who Shine Contest and to share the link with those you know. It is very appreicated. My sister in law, LaVonne wrote a blog about it and her’s was selected!
I know the picture looks nothing like me now, but that was when I only had 3 children and still had time to straighten my long (pre surgery) hair! Thanks for all of your votes! I really appreciate it and am currently just over 200 votes behind the person in 1st place, and know that with your help we can pass her!