Some days are good and some not so much.- CarePages

Some days are good and some not so much.

Posted Sep 18, 2012 12:20pm

Last Thursday, Sean and I went up to UCLA for my 3 month MRI. Yesterday, we went up there again to meet with my oncologist, Dr. Lai. I went through the usual tests with his PA, reflexes, memory, strength, etc. and then Sean and I went into a back viewing room to go over the MRI’s with Dr. Lai. He said they look good from Thursday as well as my MRI’s from 3 months ago, except for a small glob (not the medical term he used) that has been there from my surgery, which is good, because new growth is bad. Dr. Lai is not sure if this is tumor or scar tissue, etc. And he wants me to get a special PET scan that will show more than the MRI and help him determine if the glob is tumor or something else. If it is tumor, we have to figure out a treatment from chemo, radiation, or a 4th surgery.
I also wanted to share, since I haven’t already, that we had a wonderful summer trip across the United States. We spent 7 weeks on the road and just over 10,600 miles on the motorhome and over 30 states. We had a blast. Some of our favorite stops were Yellowstone, Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, Key West, the Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, the Jersey Shore, NYC, DC, and numerous stops at friends and families homes in many states. And suprisingly we all got along fairly well. Some days better than others. Long driving days were tough on us.
This Sunday the family and I are doing a walk for the San Diego Brain Tumor foundation. This is where we go for our support group and they have been a great help to us, providing support and information from those who have been on this journey before us. We would love for you to support us in this walk by either making a donation or walking with us. Click or copy and paste the link below and then on the right side under team rank click on “Kabo”. Our children gave up theior birthday presents for their birthdays this year at their birthday party in lue of donations for our walk. I am so proud of what wonderful children I have!

And one last thing, my sister-in-law graciously nominated me for YAHOO, women who shine. If you click on the link, I believe I’m on page 2, and I would love for your vote (I think you need a yahoo account or have to sign up for one). Click or copy and paste the link below…
Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, and kind words throughout the summer.