Alabama Detour to see the cousins!

We knew that while on our cross country bucket list trip, we wanted to visit as many family members as possible. After we left New Orleans, we had about a 6 hour drive up to my cousins house in Alabama. The Eastern states are so close that it’s fairly easy to bounce around.
Another state to add to our growing list!

Since we are vegetarian, people often don’t know what to cook for us, so we ended up going out to a Mexican food restaurant in the downtown area.
 After dinner the kids were given food to feed the fish in the pond and they all loved it!

Then we returned to their beautifully decorated house (my cousin’s wife, Holly, is such a great decorator).
We took a picture of the cousins!

Then we had the kids take a “silly” picture. I think my kids were a little more silly!!
After this we went to their community pool and swam until late in the night. Swimming at night is great because it gets the kids extra tired and they continued to sleep a couple hours after we left my cousins house, which makes for a nice quiet RV drive for Sean and I for a couple of hours!