Tennessee for few days

We arrived in Tennessee to visit with Sean’s sister, Kirstin and her husband Jeff and their baby daughter, Avery!
Everyone took turns holding baby Avery!
For most of our visit, we just hung out with the family and relaxed. The first night, they had friends over, who we met at their wedding a little over a year before. It was funny because we started off the night by hanging out in our cramped RV (which we seemed to do at almost every stop. It’s cozy and people seem to want to hang in it, maybe to get a sense of what it’s like living in an RV like we were doing). Kirstin and Jeff’s friends son named our RV, Brass Monkey (like the Beastie Boys song, not really sure why, but it fit!)

After a couple of days Sean brought the RV to a shop to get the AC fixed as it just wasn’t working quite right and we were now going to need it to work as we were getting more into the hot part of summer and further south where the heat and humidity are. It was great to sleep in a bed at their house and to have our own rooms rather than one big room in the RV and one bathroom to share between the 6 of us. We could actually wander around the house, take long showers and enjoy family time.
Avery and Ben at dinner one night. Ben looks like such a giant next to Avery, but he’ll always be my baby!
One thing my boys loved was helping give baby Avery a bath, they all fell in love with her!
 We took walks around their neighborhood, which was around a lake. It rained a few times, but was warm out and felt nice. It was nice to get our dog out of the RV, keeping her in their backyard, and to be able to take long walks with her. On one of our walks we all had a good laugh because she hopped into the lake! 
 Tennessee was nice. It was fun wandering around the neighborhood and driving around in a rental car that we rented. Faith and I spent an afternoon at the local mall.
 The homes in the area were beautiful and so different 
than the homes in California.
On our last afternoon in Tennessee, we went down to Beale Street, but as vegetarians we did not eat any ribs (we had them a couple of years ago when we visited). We ate veggie burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe
Sean’s great big beer!

 Sean with all the little kiddos!

Aunt Kirstin and Avery
Cousins on Beale Street
 My turn to hold Avery!
 Just down around the corner from Beale Street we found this colorful lion and Faith got a little playful for the photo!!

Tennessee was a nice stopping place and it was fun staying with family, but our cross country bucketlist trip had to comtinue, so we left on July 15th.


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