Crazy Rushmore

After Yellowstone, we drove through Montana, and into South Dakota. I’m not sure why but there was so much road construction during our trip up to this point. It was just after the 4th of July, so I would think that there were many travelers out on the road and that this was a terrible time for road construction. But maybe it was because it snows there and that was just a good time to do it because of the weather.
It’s so nice when we can get a whole family picture. Without someone to take it, it’s usually just Sean or I taking the picture. We were able to use the camera timer in this one!!
Faith took this photo of Sean and I
On our way to the campground, it got dark and was late. But we called ahead and there is late check in. One road we took was very winding and hilly. It was dark, there were signs that warned to deer, so we were driving slow. There was foresty areas all around. Faith said it looked like something out of a horror movie, and it really did. For the first time on this trip, I was actually a little scared.
Faith was our family doctor for the trip and helped the boys with all of their cuts and scratches!
Josh making a sweet sign for his sissy on a very long drive!
Finally made it to the campground, our first stay at a KOA!

It was a really nice campground, the coolest one we have been to so far. There was
This jumpy entertained the boys while Sean got the RV ready to go in the morning. They actually make you pay a couple dollars for the day, but I said we were leaving in 30 minutes, so they let the boys jump for free after I signed a waiver!!

In the morning we left for Crazy Horse. It’s a great story about a sculpter creating this design of Crazy Horse. We watched a short movie on the story. The sculpter has passed away and now most of his 10 children work on it. It’s been a work in progress for 50 years!

Family pic in front of Crazy Horse. Hopefully my kids will get a picture with their families in the future.

Ben, very interested in whatever was below the deck!

The famous quote from Crazy Horse.

A drawing over a photo of what the finished diagram is.
A sculpture of what it’s going to look like when complete with the mountain partially carved in the background.

Inside the museum!

Learning some Native American history! 
The story of Crazy Horse was amazing and so inspiring. But during the movie, they showed how all 4 heads in Mt. Rushmore barely fit into the one head of Crazy Horse, it was a little disappointing to Mt. Rushmore, because it looked so small. Although it was grand, and I’m so happy that we were able to see it. I know my kids will never forget this stuff!!
Mt. Rushmore was just a short drive from Crazy Horse.

The kids and me in front of Mt. Rushmore.

This was on of the men who carved Mt. Rushmore and Zach wanted a photo with him, but I think since we weren’t buying his book, he didn’t look up for the photo, but said it was OK to take one!

After a very long day at two national monuments, the kids were tired and we had a lot more driving to do! So, the boys napped together on the bed!