The Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole

We left Idaho Falls early in the morning. We were told by our friend John, that the drive through the Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Yellowstone was a beautiful one and that we should go that way. We were also told that it had a 12% grade and we hoped that our motor home could climb it. Since we have driven over the Cajon Pass, we thought we could do it. Boy were we mistaken, the Cajon Pass is no where near as steep as the drive we took. But, our motor home did make it and it was beautiful!
We arrived in yet another state!!

Such a beautiful drive!
The motor home on top of the Teton Pass (wow, we actually made it)!

Family picture at the top with the view!

Just the gorgeous view!
Hiking around, a quick walking break at the top of the Teton Pass!

Teton Pass info sign.
                                     Faith making a wish while blowing a flower on our hike.

Josh and Zach sitting on a log at the top of the pass
Our beautiful view while driving!!
With the grand Tetons behind us (still with snow in July)! Can it get any more beautiful!!

I was told that Harrison Ford owned this white house, (not quite sure if this is his or not, but it was beautiful).
The town on Jackson (formerly Jackson Hole), Wyoming.

The kids with the Grand Tetons behind them!!

Just the Tetons (a very beautiful drive)!

Beautiful again!
The town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, while driving through.

Family pic with the Tetons.

The very Grand Tetons

One of the most beautiful places we have ever been. We were so happy to have taken this route, even if it was longer than planned. (Nothing could compare to this beauty).