Day 3, July 3rd

We got up, walked around the campground, showered took a lot of pictures, and played on the swings
while Sean got a little work in. The managers of the RV park had a sign out side of their RV that said “If the trailer’s rockin’” which I’m sure you can finish! But theirs said “there’s an earthquake…RUN” I hadn’t seen or heard that and thought it was fun!
We were able to pay and check out of this campsite. We got on our way with Sean, my brother, Tyler, and I trading off driving. We hit a patch of traffic and saw an accident on the opposite side of the freeway, luckily it was not on ours.
 While in Tacoma, Washington we heard a pop while Sean was driving and the RV slowed down. We pulled off right away at a Costco. And looked at the engine.
 I called a good friend who has had many RV’s and done the same trip with her 4 children that we are doing. Her husband said it sounded to him like it was a spark plug and told my husband where to find it. Sure enough it was a spark plug.
Luckily where we pulled off, there was a Camping World right around the corner, who referred us to a repair shop a block away, which was next to a Harley Shop. So while the problem was being diagnosed, we walked there with the kids to look at the motorcycles and to get a snack in their cafe. 
That repair shop let us know that the spark plug had been stripped and needed to be threaded again at another shop across the street. The whole process cost us 4 hours. We were so thankful that we were going to make it to my brother’s house that evening, so we could spend the 4th of July up there. Our plan all along was to get to Seattle to check out Pike’s Fish Market, hoping to see some fish being thrown.
 We made it there just before closing so many of the venders had already packed up and left. We did get to see a couple of fish thrown while they were cleaning up.
Then we walked to the new Ferris Wheel that Seattle put in, took more pictures (I really want to document this trip for my kids) and ate dinner at a local restaurant on the water with a vies of the Ferris wheel. 
After dinner we rode a carousel with the kids, although the Ferris Wheel would have been more fun, it would have cost more than out dinner.
When we left Seattle, we went up to La Conner where we went to my sister-in-law, LaVonne’s parent’s house and got to meet my new nephew for the first time. He was a month old and absolutely adorable. Everyone took turns holding him!
We then checked into an RV Park where we would be staying for 2 nights. It would be so nice to stay somewhere for a couple of nights and not have to drive the RV all day for a day!