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Out of the hospital

Posted Mar 3, 2012 8:52pm

Melanie is out of the hospital!
She is recovering exceptionally well. I think she is recovering better and faster than the last surgery. She wants to walk the kids to school on monday and I might even let her.
I am very happy with the MRI results as they show very minimal tumor, if any. We spoke with the surgeon yesterday and she confirmed the same. She also mentioned it was a very vascular tumor and she removed many of the arteries and veins that have been feeding the tumor.
Her only side effects are temporary and include
• Headaches
• Fine motor skills in the left hand, which already seems to be getting better
• Additional hair is shaved
• Larger incision
The next step is to test the tumor for the proteins for the vaccine
Thanks again for all your support. We love all the comments and positive enrgy we get from you guys.