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Support Group

Posted Jan 4, 2012 12:07pm
Edit: REPOSTED FROM CAREPAGES (This was our first time attending the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation Support Group, of which we still attend and fundraise for as they have done a great deal to help support us emotionally).

Sean and I attended a support group through the Brain Tumor Society last night. It was very informative. Many of the people there had the same type of tumor I have and it was nice hearing about their treatment (the good and the bad). Many have also seen the same doctors that we are researching at UCSD. We now have many great resources on Brain Tumors and I don’t feel so alone. It also made me grateful that I have the type of tumor I have.
I learned that I am not alone in hating steroids and I am so grateful that I was weaned off of them. I also decided that 24 months of Chemo is not for me, as there are many more side effects than the one the neuro oncologist told us about. I learned a lot about clinical trials, many people have gone that route, which is something I will be looking into.