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Role Changes

Posted Dec 19, 2011 4:38am

So there have been many changes around our house and the role changes are huge right now. Everyone has a new role in our house and it’s been difficult to make some of the changes, especially for me!
I’m having a difficult time of breaking out of my mommy-do it all/take care of all role and sinking into the child-let everyone else do it for me role.
Josh is steping up to be the man of the house and loves taking care of me. He was the one who was in charge of putting Neosporin on my staples after my biopsy, a job he loved! Now he’s very protective over me and since he’s been sick he constantly reminds me I’m not allowed to kiss him, as heartbreaking as that is he always tells me.
Zach is little Mr. Helper, whatever I ask of him, he does. He brought most of our luggage in the house when we came home from the hospital. He’s always looking around the house for something to put away, which is not hard to find something in our crazy household.
Baby Ben unloaded the dishwasher last night all by himself and only scared me when he started singing a little song about knives while putting them away. He even put stuff in the right place, which is better than anyone else in our house who unloads the dishwasher…I think he’s got a permanent job!
Faith seems to be stepping back a bit out of concern for getting hurt. It breaks my heart seeing the concern on her face, but she is older and understands quite a bit more than her brothers, so she has every right to keep to herself for her own peace of mind and protection. But it has been difficult to me seeing her fear.
I think I have been the worst at adjusting to the new roles. It is so hard to sit back and have every step of mine babied. I’m mom, let me do my thing! Guess I should just try to enjoy the special treatment a little. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow off with a foot rub from the hubsters!