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Best possible outcome!

Posted Dec 14, 2011 8:27pm
Edit: REPOST FROM CAREPAGES (I have to laugh looking back at this post as the surgeon was like a car sales man and didn’t do a good job, he hardly removed anything. He was so cocky that he wouldn’t admit to only removing a portion of the tumor as he wasn’t a tumor specialist and was too proud to admit it to us….lesson learned and we only used tumor specialists after this surgery).

Mel want me to post the scoop. Here’s how the day went:
6:00am arrived at hospital
7:00am got a bed in the preop room
8:30am got wheeled into the OR
10:00am I got an update from the nurse that they just made the incision.
10:45am I got a call from the nurse that says the doctor is coming to talk to me. I panicked thinking the worst because it has only been 45 minutes.
11:00am The doctor told me every single word I wanted to hear. He thinks he removed all the bad tissue. The cells looks just like regular brain tissue. The tumor is most likely a low grade glioma meaning a grade I or II. She will likely not need radiation or chemo just occasional scans of the brain to check any abnormal growth.
1:00pm I got to see Melanie in the recovery room. She looked great, talks great, asked me to fan her with a palm leaf and to order her some bon bons.
5:00pm She got transferred to the ICU where she’ll spend the night. Tomorrow if there is room, she’ll be going to a regular room. Possibly get to go home Friday or Saturday.
I personally thank you for being there for us! All of your comments and posts have been extremely uplifting for both Melanie and me.
Keep checking as I’m sure she’ll post an update soon.