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Second Opinion

Posted Dec 6, 2011 1:19am

Today we went for our second opinion. We met with a neurosurgeon that no longer operates , but gives second opinions. He seemed to agree with Dr. Leary, the doctor who did my biopsy and will possibly do my brain surgery on Thursday.
The type of tumor I have can’t be determined and both doctors think the best thing is to take it out as soon as possible.
We are awaiting our 3rd and 4th & 5th opinions tomorrow from out of town and out of state and will let you know how they go and will most likely have a final decision by tomorrow night on what we plan to do. It’s so easy to get second opinions now days with having copies of our all of my images and lab reports. We just got a response from a doctor in Maryland at 10pm our time! He just asked for one more view and said he would call in the morning, so not an opinion yet, I’m just so amazed with technology.
We really appreciate all the prayers and support from all of our friends and family.